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Diva Candle (preorder)

Diva Candle (preorder)


My Diva candle is made and spelled for the intention of self love, confidence, self acceptance, and, physical beauty!! great if you are lacking self love, self forgiviness, and confidence! especially after a breakup or if you need a boost of confidence in any area of your life! results will leave you feeling like a true diva!!! and maybe a little conceited!

**For best results use with me Diva bath mix**

💗All sales are final NO REFUNDS!

💗All candles are made to order!

💗All candles take 2 weeks cure!

💗All my candles are hand-made and spelled by me under the full moon

💗Please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping and handling t fee

💗For sale orders please allow 6-12 weeks for shipping and handling it

SKU: 010212
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