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Gateway Candle

Gateway Candle


My gateway candle is made and spelled for the intention of opening your third eye, bringing you a spiritual awakening, helping you on your spiritual journey, and opening you up to exactly what your purpose is and what you should be doing in this lifetime… gateway candle will also help to increase your intuition, increase your physic abilities, and to give you physic strength! This candle is also great for tarot readers and is highly recommend to have lit while you do your readings as it will increase you physic abilities and give you that confidence during your read

💗All sales are final NO REFUNDS!

💗All candles are made to order!

💗All candles take 2 weeks cure!

💗All my candles are hand-made and spelled by me under the full moon

💗Please allow 2-4 weeks for shipping and handlings

💗For sale orders please allow 6-12 weeks for shipping and handling it

** By law I am required to make it clear that i make no claims or guarantees and i sell these candles as Curios. Each candle is for entertainment purposes only! These candles are not meant to replace medical treatment or intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any type of diseases**

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